Breast Cancer Surgery

What is a Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy?

This is a surgical procedure undertaken to determine whether the tumour has spread into the lymphatic system. The sentinel lymph node, located in the armpit, is frequently the place where cancer cells spread to initially. If tumour cells are detected, your surgeon may recommend further surgery or other treatments.


Lumpectomy is a less invasive surgical procedure than mastectomy, and is ideal for patients with a small breast lump which needs to be removed.

Lumpectomies usually leave minimal scarring and don’t tend to change the shape of the breast. Depending upon the outcome of the lumpectomy (ie the type of tumour that it is, for example), further treatment may be required.

Comprehensive and Less Invasive Mastectomy Solutions

Traditional mastectomy involves the surgical removal of a portion or the entire breast when large areas of breast cancer are detected. That procedure is often followed by breast reconstruction, in order to restore the appearance of the breast following removal of the tumour.

At PIMS, we offer variations of this procedure depending on your condition and specific needs, and these options may include a nipple sparing option, or a skin sparing option.

Nipple-sparing mastectomy allows the surgeon to preserve all of the breast skin, including the nipple and the area surrounding it (areola). Almost all the inner breast tissue is removed, apart from a thin layer of fat and blood vessels which are required to keep the skin healthy. Immediate reconstruction of the breast (oncoplastic breast surgery) then follows to create a breast that looks very similar to the original. Women elect to undergo this procedure when they are diagnosed, or if they are found to be genetically prone to breast cancer and are having a prophylactic mastectomy.

Women who are not candidates for a nipple-sparing mastectomy may choose a skin-sparing mastectomy. The nipple and areola are removed and the breast tissue is removed through this small hole. This leaves a pouch which can accommodate a breast implant, and the breast reconstruction can done be immediately.

Breast reconstruction

This is a common procedure that often immediately follows a mastectomy. The aim is to reconstruct the breasts to a normal and healthy shape, appearance and feel. The surgeon will place a breast implant behind the muscles of the breasts immediately after the mastectomy. If there is not enough skin to cover the reconstructed breast immediately, a two-stage reconstructive procedure may be required.



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