Knee Loose Bodies

What are Loose Bodies?

Loose bodies are generally pieces of bone and cartilage which become lodged in the membrane (synovium) lining the knee joint. They generally occur following a traumatic injury and may cause catching and locking of the knee joint, together with significant pain. If untreated, these loose bodies may eventually destabilise the knee and cause reduced range of motion.

How do we treat Knee Loose Bodies?

In some cases, knee loose bodies can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications and physiotherapy. In general, however, they’re best treated with keyhole surgery, in order to avoid long-term problems. During minimally invasive knee arthroscopy, your orthopaedic surgeon will remove the loose bodies and assess any damage to the cartilage before closing the incisions.

You should rest, ice, compress, and elevate the knee for several days after surgery to reduce pain and swelling. Most patients can walk on the day of surgery without restrictions. In most cases you can begin physiotherapy immediately and resume normal activities within 1-2 weeks of surgery. Complete recovery is anticipated after 2-3 months of rehabilitation.



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